Bob’s Café – Queen’s Park 



There are three of these cafe’s in London and as a creature of habit I haven’t moved past the café in Queen’s Park yet, opposite Queen’s Park Station.


The café proudly says it does all day breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.  From my experience it does this and more and remembers that whilst the customer is not always right, Rome was not built in a day.


The picture above is of a banana pancake with mixed berries and a strawberry sauce. The perfect aperitif with this is a Green tea Maccha Latte with two sugars. Once I had that for my breakfast I was set for the rest of the day.


This all cost just over £10.00, which might seem a lot, but included a well deserved tip I gave to the staff.


Walkabout Brighton 




Walkabout is a great haunt for backpackers from across the world, but especially those from Australia and New Zealand.


It’s a sports bar with everything you need on it and has enough power points to launch a plane, not that I am encouraging that!




There speciality is a veggie breakfast with all the trimmings, including the perfectly cooked and runny fried egg, hash browns. chips, mushrooms and brown sauce.


If you are sill somehow hungry after this, they have a lovely cheese burger with a sweetcorn, coriander and chilli fritter.


Of course there are also some great drink’s deals which you can share with your mates, including a pint of Coca-Cola for £1.00 and a variety of Aussie mixers with a soft drink of your choice for £2.00.


Gospel Coffee – Gospel Oak Station 



The freshest black coffee you will ever get comes from Gospel Coffee based out of Gospel Oak Station. Easy to get to from numerous directions, its the best place to get a coffee if you need to move quickly, alongside a cheese croissant.


The best way of getting all of this is to get a loyalty card. I have filled two of these cards already and I have worked out I have paid £30.00 for 15 different types of coffee and tea with food.



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