How can I help you?

I can help in the following areas:


S – Social media – Attracting people to your business, increasing the reach of your organisation, or raising awareness of you as an individual worth paying attention to.


E- Events – Helping produce events with high turnouts where attendees feel valued, ensuring they return to future events.


W- Writing – Helping you write persuasively to achieve the success you desire as a business, individual or advocacy organisation.

More people than ever regardless of their age use social media, and it is a great way of putting yourself out there effectively whether you’re an individual, company or charity.

When used well social media is a great way of spreading your message, getting people to back your campaign or raise awareness of your business. In terms of social media I can help you in the following areas:

  • Facebook: I can help by creating a page and then targeting the audience you want to like your page.

    I can by creating events through Facebook and promoting it to thousands of people.

    Facebook is also a great way of getting people behind a campaign you are running. Once you give me an idea of what your campaign is about and what you are looking to achieve, I will create a list of Facebook groups to post on to get the maximum amount of support behind your campaign.

    On top of this I will advise you how you can use Facebook Live to create a video from any stunts or events you are doing in public to get people to fall in love with your campaign.

  • Instagram: They say a picture can paint a thousand words and this is certainly true with Instagram. I have experience of producing infographics which have gone viral on social media, leading to thousands of people backing an email campaign that I ran. I can help you do this through producing similar infographics to persuade people to back your group, charity or business.

  • Twitter: Over the last few years Twitter has really taken off, especially for businesses, charities and individuals. I can help you from the beginning to the end when it comes to the Twitter.

    I can help you first set up a Twitter account if you do not have one and then can schedule tweets timed at specific times of year, including the content for these tweets. I have done this successfully before in Rare Disease Week and this helped get opinion formers such as MPs behind the week.

    I can also help you when it comes to getting more people to sign up to your e-newsletter, by producing a Twitter friendly infographic and then effectively promoting this tweet to your target audience. I did this very successfully for We Believe in Israel and it led to over 5,000 more people signing up to the e-newsletter.

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