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Luke Akehurst

Director of We Believe in Israel

I had the pleasure of line-managing Stephen when he was Campaign Executive for We Believe in Israel, part of BICOM. Stephen is very organised and efficient but also innovative and creative in every project that he tackles. He knows how to use a wide range of social media platforms to their full effect, and has a particular strength in event management. Since leaving us I know he has also been involved in successful organisation of several political study tours, both inbound to the UK and outbound to Israel. He brings a strong combination of knowledge acquired both professionally in a range of campaigning and public affairs roles, and from his own political life.

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Zara Shaen Albright

Optical Receptionist

Alongside the Founder of International Political Seminars, Josh Koonin, in May 2017 I went on a study tour to Israel and the Palestinian territories. Working closely with Josh, Stephen put together the study tour. As well as liaising with the local guides to ensure we had the best experience, he also put together information packs, giving us much background information to the places we visited and the speakers we heard from. He alsoled a walking tour of Jaffa, bringing its history to life. I have been pleasantly surprised by Stephen’s consulting services and will use them again.

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Sheila Bodel

2017 Conservative Party candidate for East Belfast

In the last year I've met Stephen at a series of interfaith and small business networking events, including Students for Liberty 2018 Northern Ireland Conference and an interfaith event to help refugees, which bought together Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and those of no faith together. Stephen puts 100% in to everything he does and this will be reflected in the work his consultancy produces.

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Jeremy Havardi

Director of B'nai B'rith London Bureau of International Affairs

Stephen Hoffman has considerable knowledge about modern politics, especially as regards Israel, Zionism and the Middle East. He also has many years experience in political advocacy and in planning and promoting events for various UK organisations. He has also worked in Parliament and knows the Westminster environment very well. I am sure that the consultancy services he provides will prove to be very informative and insightful.

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Steven Jaffe

Co chair Northern Ireland Friends of Israel and consultant to Jewish community organisations.

Stephen is friendly, incisive, well informed, passionate towards the causes he holds dear and very keen to provide a first rate service. I have always greatly enjoyed working with Stephen on public affairs.

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Daniel Mahoney

Experienced Economist and Policy Researcher

I have always found that Stephen brings energy and passion to his work. He has considerable experience in the public policy field and is regularly successful in promoting political events. Stephen has previously invited me to address an Australian study group on UK economic policy. The group were thoughtful, engaging and keen to learn. I would be more than happy to speak at further events arranged by Stephen Hoffman Consulting.

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Samuel Nurding

Assistant Editor of Fathom Journal and Research Analyst at BICOM

Stephen is passionate about helping others fulfil their potential. I know Stephen through his work with We Believe in Israel (WBII). Stephen was able to untangle highly complex and emotional issues and develop well thought-out campaign strategies for WBII. Stephen has an excellent ability to put complicated ideas and messaging onto paper and how to tailor such concepts to different audiences for maximum results. I know Stephen will be an excellent choice for a consultant not only because of these skills and attributes, but also because Stephen is extremely conscious of delivering high-quality work, and he genuinely cares about what he does.

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Megan O'Kane

Founder of Megan Says

Stephen has a great eye for a photo and I connected with him after I saw some of the beautiful pictures he took of Northern Ireland. He also has an ability to tell a story well through connecting with the subject matter he focuses on. If you are looking for someone to show you how you can use images in a way that paints a thousand words, you should look no further than Stephen.

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George Robinson

Head of Policy and Communications at Abellio Group England 

Having attended several events organised by Stephen which he put on for young professionals for those who were were pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian, I have always been impressed with the quality of speakers and the level of debates, Stephen Hoffman consulting puts on. Furthermore, during my time working as a Parliamentary researcher Stephen sent several succinct but detailed briefings covering topical and relevant issues on the Middle East, which I found incredibly useful.

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Steve Scott

Director of Trade Union Friends of Israel

I worked with Stephen on our campaigning within the UK trade unions. He helped organise our activists training day, and he was thoroughly professional in all the logistics for the event. He produced our delegate packs and provided all information in the lead up to the day as well as liaising with the venue for booking, catering and any special needs. Stephen also worked on the promotional material, including targeted social media and video production to gain maximum publicity in order to get trade unionists registered for the event.

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Simon Smith

Communications Officer for BICOM

Stephen knows the British political landscape inside and out: I’ve always been impressed by both his understanding of a wide range of political issues and his knowledge of the UK’s different political parties and groups. He also has experience from working on a diverse range of social media campaigns across a spectrum of platforms. But what impressed me most about Stephen was his dedication to his work. Stephen commits himself totally to each task he undertakes and the enthusiasm and energy he brings to projects is second to none. Having seen him at work in person, I will certainly be recommending Stephen Hoffman Consulting to anyone seeking expertise in political study tours, events and social media campaigns.

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Peter Thibult

Assistant Solicitor

Stephen is very passionate and engaging with work he takes on and is very knowledgeable about current events which is used to those he assist’s benefit

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Priya Vekaria

Accounts Assistant at Hoffman-Bokaei-Moghimi Solicitors

I've worked closely with Stephen in recent months, as he has given me support in Hoffman-Bokaei-Moghimi Solicitors Accounts Department. Despite not being a trained accountant, due to his attention to detail, Stephen has taken like a duck to water to the position . This ability to quickly pick up new skills by thinking on his feet will be of great benefit to his clients.